Monday, May 23, 2011

The Best Years of your Life

Many of you have probably heard from an older family member, friend, etc. that your college years/ your 20's are the best years of you life. To me, this is very depressing. To be honest, once I hit my junior year of college life got a whole lot more confusing. At age 21 I was having to decide what I would want to do for the rest of my life. I was at college pretending to be a normal student, when all I really wanted to do was drop out and go to beauty school. I remember there being such a stigma and attitude about beauty school........ in fact, there still is. But here I was day in and day out going to class, doing internships and holding leadership positions in student organizations trying to convince myself that rubbing people's faces and painting their nails all day was not acceptable. Luckily, that same school year, I was interning with the Columbus Symphony in a nightmarish position of kissing donor's asses in order to keep the money coming. I would schlep in day in and day out, sit in my cubicle and work hard at my position as the Development Assistant. Luckily, God intervened... (yes, I believe in God. Please feel free to insert your higher power of choice if it makes it hard to relate i.e. the universe, the spirit, Buddha, Mohammad etc. ........I don't discriminate). After working in the development department for several months, I came in one day expecting to meet with my boss about earning credit hours for my internship. The meeting was at 4 p.m. on a Friday ("a bit naive" applies well here). Once the meeting time arrived, I gathered my internship paperwork and marched cheerily into my bosses office. I remember literally smiling ear to ear asking her how she was and how excited I was to be meeting that day. When I looked up at her, I realized she did not share the same excitement. "We will not be discussing your internship today," she said as she pulled out several donor letters with red marks all over them like a mass murder had happened in her office directly over the letters the night before. She slid the letters across the table toward me and as she did I felt a heat wave consume my body. "This is unacceptable," she said. As I looked down at the letter, I realized that she was referring the the fact that I had mailed out several donor letters with the donor's named spelled incorrectly. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKK. This is a BIG no-no. Needless to say I lost my INTERNSHIP at the Symphony that day. Really? Who gets fired from an internship?

I guess my biggest point is.......COLLEGE IS NOT FOR EVERYONE. What if I don't want to be a nurse, doctor, lawyer, psychologist, teacher, engineer? Why are we looked down on for doing what we love? Don't get me wrong, I don't think that you should graduate from high school and live a life of lethargic apathy. But I say if you want to cut hair, change oil, work on cars, paint pictures, or clean houses for a living: MORE POWER TO YOU! Granted, if I had skipped the college experience, I may not have met Dave or any of the other wonderful people in my life right now. Also, I feel like I found out a lot about myself in college. However, if I had skipped the 4 years of the collegiate experience I would be much farther in my beauty career and be pocketing an extra $500 a month that I fork over to the student loan fairies every month. That is a car payment for a very nice car.......just sayin'.

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